2. About us

Realization of home page for individuals, companies, stores, etc.
Production of logo banner design
Flyer, poster, production of business cards design
Web environment maintenance such as initial configuration of PC and network infrastructure
With the Internet age, the Internet is essential for everyday life.
Through the Hijiri Web, we aim to make the lives of all those involved comfortable.
“I want to attract customers to the web”
“I want to make an original business card at a low price”
“I want to improve my work efficiency in the company”
“I want a lot of people to know the fun of my hobby.”
“I want to communicate with people around the world”
We will always pursue what our customers want and support them to make their dreams come true.
Through the Hijiri Web, we aim to make your life more comfortable.

Postal adresse 605-0073

Gion machi Higashiyama kitagawa Malt 290-8 1er etage.

TEL 075-525-0555

FAX 075-525-0555

mail:  hijiri.web.gion123@gmail.com

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