Make your Home page

In the case of HP production on page 5, it can be delivered in about a week.

Hijiri web production is very fast.

Please consider about one week as a guideline for the production time on page 5 before delivery.

The correction plan from the customer will be after that, and the final work of website creation will be completed.



We will discuss with you about your website creation and ask about the details of your request.
Meetings will be held by phone, email, or in person. What kind of purpose and what kind of homepage do you want to make? We will offer you a cheap quotation by proposing a plan that you can do within your budget.
Please feel free to contact us.

STEP2. Application / Payment
If the plan content and the estimated price match, you will be applied for production.

Hijiri Web will keep the full production amount at the time of contract.
As soon as payment is completed, we will guide you to obtain a domain name.


Design suggestion

We will propose a design to be used on the website. (You can re-suggest until you find a design you like)

If you have a face-to-face meeting, you can also view the design at the meeting.

We will discuss with you the details of the meeting and proceed.
The production staff will maximize the customer’s image and produce the website.


Please provide the necessary materials.
Once the design is finalized, please provide us with the materials for the site production.
Image material required for production
■ Article text to be posted
Manuscripts must be submitted by email.
(If you prepare by us, it will be a separate quote.)

* We do not accept any items other than email (mail, fax, etc.).


Start production
The production staff will start the website production based on the materials and materials submitted by the customer.
Customers can check the production process on their personal computer.
The homepage is completed when the final confirmation from the customer is received.


Delivery / publication of website
After the correction work is completed, the customer will perform a final check.
In the correction work, please confirm that all the corrections have been completed and check if there are any missing items.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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