Mobile friendly

Smartphone support is a must for SEO

Google officially mentioned in May 2016 that the mobile-friendly update enhancements were completed.

To avoid the negative impact of mobile-friendly updates, your site must be mobile-friendly.

Sites that are not mobile are more likely to lose their mobile search ranking.

First, let’s check whether or not your site is mobile-friendly with the “mobile friendly test”.

If you’re non-mobile, it’s important to optimize your site while complying with mobile-friendly standards.
Instead, you’ll need to be mobile-friendly and avoid any negative impact on your search rankings.

We have tools to build your site in compliance with Google’s guidelines.


If you contact us, we will give you the official Google search engine optimization guide.

Be mobile friendly and optimize your site for all devices including smartphones / PCs.

In addition to the usual SEO measures, it is important to improve the user experience and page speed, increase the value of the site, and aim for ranking.

It is said that there are more than 200 large and small items related to SEO high level display, and we have the expertise.

We promise to do our best to improve your site while verifying the verification results.

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