Outcome from homepage

Outcome from a homepage

It is very important to create a website and publish it to see its effects and responses.

In addition to improving sales, more inquiries, more e-mail magazine  members, more access, etc. There are many indicators that determine web effects.

In addition, even if measures and improvements are made to improve from that point, it will not be possible to respond unless knowledge is abundant.

We have prepared enough countermeasures. There is a paid support plan, but we have a comprehensive support system for monthly members.

Homepage overview objective

We use various tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to thoroughly objectively subdivide the website and derive countermeasure improvement plans.

From years of experience, staff with specialized knowledge will give tips on how to improve SEO and sales.

It’s also important to respond to occasional Google updates and prevent your website before it becomes dangerous.

The quick response and the quality and quantity of information are highly evaluated by our customers.

The image changes depending on the design

The impression also changes depending on the images and site design that are indispensable when creating a website.

Color images, site images depending on the product, etc. that are easily received by the younger generation

First of all, site production starts from the image of the customer group and visitors and imagining the impression that those people will see.

And we will consider a structure that is effective, but there are many ways to create a site full of photos with a banner image attached or a site like a novel full of characters and to extend the staying time of visitors to the site depending on the industry. A vertical page structure called a landing page is also effective in some cases.

Homepage is what you grow

We believe that it is important to grow the site so that it will be a tasteful site.

It is important to create a home page after making it, but some sites are left alone.

We consider it important that we support you, and we will propose to sites that are not updated and provide ideas to resolve dissatisfaction with the current situation.

Let’s nurture a growing homepage with intimacy.

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