Tujuan situs web

Why do we make website?

There are various purposes for creating a homepage, but there are roughly three main reasons:

1. Appeal

2. Notice

3. Earnings

1. Appeal

A website is a way to promote your activities and branding.

For example, a website is produced for the purpose of spreading recognition such as a house exhibition space and leaflets.

The official homepage of entertainers is the same, but it is made with the image in mind.

The focus is on creating a site that emphasizes design such as photos and videos that are easier to understand visually than text.

This is also the case for homepages that convey your thoughts to customers.

2. Notice

It will be a homepage for informing people to directly connect to a real life, such as notification of store opening and notification of the start of sales of new products.

It is necessary to create a site that provides information and directly connects to profits.

This homepage is also used for the customer’s credit acquisition.

It is of the utmost importance to get customers with high rankings, high access and high sales prospects.

3. Earnings

A site that raises real profit for the purpose of EC shops and product sales. It is a so-called online shop.

It is a prerequisite site with a shopping cart that can be sold directly.

You can purchase online shopping 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Unlike real stores, expenses such as rent and labor costs can be reduced, and operating costs can be reduced.

Importance of Homepage

Since there are various types of homepages in this way, it is important to first consider how the homepage will be viewed and used from the perspective of the viewer at the planning stage.

A selfish homepage doesn’t feel attractive or valuable, so let’s create a homepage that has a purpose and a reverberant effect in consideration of whether it is branding or real profit.

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